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Friday Night

Bible Study

7 pm - 9 pm (September - August)


A Biblical Answer to Racisim with the Hope of the Gospel.

Racial prejudice is easily stoked to red-hot levels in today’s culture, but it originates in the darkness of man’s fallen heart. Sadly, the underlying idea of evolution fuels racism more effectively than biased activists and articulate politicians.

In a world where racial tensions are extremely high, it is imperative that the we address the issue from a biblical perspective. When we start with the Bible, we find that there is only one race—THE HUMAN RACE.

This curriculum will challenge you to stand on the authority of God’s Word in every area and to engage the culture with Biblically consistent perspectives.

This curriculum will guide you through a biblical journey to discover what God’s Word reveals about the unity and diversity of mankind. Each lesson includes a video component that teaches the main idea of the lesson, an activity to engage you with Scripture, and discussion questions that center on how a correct understanding of biblical truths impacts your approach to racial prejudice in your culture. Take-home assignments and a culminating action plan will inspire your personal growth and biblical application.